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I love your list and I admire your resolve (really, I do!)...how about Art Night once a month?  Getting a group together - drinks optional - and making art, whatever we want that to be.  I think it's a great resolution.


[this is good] you rock.

Lisa Pepin

Thanks, Karen! Knowing that you read my blog makes writing it more fun.


[いいですね] Unneeded shoes??? No such thing!  


So first, I had to sign in to Vox to leave a comment, and I noticed that a Vox member has the option of listing their birth year as 1900.  If there are 108-year-old bloggers here, they should make themselves known.

Second, I think we have a serious disagreement on whether things are "poisons" or "delcious-and-necessary," a disagreement which I will resolve by declaring myself the victor, and also by noting that without Ramen noodles, I'd be a less creative person:


But this is an excellent blog -- you've got a lot of talent and I'm in awe and have to bring you down to my level while trying to boost myself to yours through comments.  Commenting being the last refuge of the scoundrel.

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