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No.  This is a clever man.  His intelligence is absolutely diabolical.  His wit is subtle.  Sure, that's a formidable message he bears, but he casts it against a plaid shirt, enabling him to hide in plain sight!  Recognizable to his friends, invisible to his enemies.

The seafood in green curry sauce may tempt, but always beware...

Lisa Pepin

You're right, Aubrey! It's just like in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" when Johnny Depp's FBI agent character walks around town in a t-shirt that says "FBI" on it. Genius.


Isn't Engrish great?


Lisa, the reason they didn't mess with Johnny Depp is because nobody in Mexico dares challenge the authority of the Female Body Inspector.

But on your post:  what ELSE do you know about the Kennedy shooting that we don't?

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