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Here in Los Angeles, there is a secret shame in taking joy in your food.  Meals are supposed to be rushed yet artistic;  one does not linger over one's meal, and restaurants that specialize in saucy, fatty, dairy goodness are treated as freakish - if delicious - discoveries. 

I've had one hamburger in maybe 15 years; when I finally did have one - hidden by all sorts of marvelous extras - I practically inhaled it, all the while looking around nervously.  In addition, it has always been my policy not to share.

My name is Aubrey.  And I Love Food.

Lisa Pepin

Aha... Now I understand. I had lunch with a California girl here in France and due to our lack of coordination in ordering, (she ordered two courses while I ordered one larger one) I had a plate of sushi in front of me while she was waiting for hers to arrive. I offered her something from my plate, which was divine, and she said, "No, thanks, my protein will be here any minute."

My PROTEIN? That's all this is to you? This is really good sushi, and in a part of the world where finding ANY sushi at all is extremely difficult. Perhaps that was a California thing, too...

I want to join your group, Aubrey. My name is Lisa and I Love Food.


Yeah!  Take THAT, France!  You just got Choco-Food Served!  Thanks for sticking up for us fatties in the States, Lisa. 

So I was watching "The King of Queens" re-run last night, and as part of the plotline, a company introduced the "Leaning Tower of Pizzaburger" -- five patties stacked up, with the bottom bun being a mini-pizza.  I'd have ordered one right there if I could have.  That, or Jim Gaffigan's "doughnut-ham-hamburger."

But I'm STILL better than the French.  Wait, are Pop-Tarts healthier than their cereal?

I'll join up, too:  My name is Briane, and I Love Food. 

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