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LOLOLOL!!  Those cunning lingualists in Nigeria... 


Is it all right if I just post my credit card number and pin right here on your blog?  I can also provide bank account numbers and my mother's maiden name.

Love the translation!

Also, it seems the Catholic church's view of science, having traversed an entire arc since Galileo, is heading back home. 

Lisa Pepin

I'll also need the four digit security code on the back of your card, please. As for the Pope, maybe he wants to be the only one wearing a funny, pointy hat.


Him and Jughead.  And their scientific views are remarkably similar. 

Aaaannnnddd.. with that, I'm probably doomed to another 32 years in purgatory.

Lisa Pepin

Doon't worry. Purgatory gets a bad rap, I think. It's not supposed to be good, of course, but it's not supposed to be bad either. It's just... Nothing. Like Antigo, Wisconsin.


Wow. Antigo just got Expatriate-served.

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