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It's right up there with tattoos and piercings on pre-teens.  


But is it really so bad... to the French?  Didn't they have to change the name of "The Spy Who Shagged Me" when it was released in Great Britain, because "shagged" is considered terrible there?

And, since everything comes down to my love/hate relationship with "Battlestar Galactica," a/k/a "Ellen The Cylon's Lives & Loves", let's not forget the use of "frak" instead of some other word. 

So my question is:  What does that mean in French?

Also:  I had NO idea that I was supposed to be limiting the kids' candy intake.  This parenting stuff is HARD!


It could be that this child just borrowed an older brother's hoodie.  After digging under brother's night-vision goggles, black trench coats, and assault rifles.

Also it could be - no it actually is a fact - that 'f*ck' has a certain cache with unproven and unformed minds (I refer to the parents as well as the son).


[this is good]

There is also the fact that, phonetically at least,
"phoque (prononced "f*ck) = seal." (as in the sea animal)


Lisa Pepin

You're so right, Karen! I didn't even think of that.

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