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Oh you crack me up. I am goign to make a club sandwhich in the comfort of my own home tomorrow...can I do it without the bread? Hate diets!
I recc a friend to stay at Mama Shelter in Paris too. It looks amazing!
Miss you


I think you should keep the A.  A is for Awesome!  They have the same type of system in Japan minus the speed thing (they drive so damn slow anyway, it would be a moot point)

You also get one when you're a new driver and to add humiliation..when you're old.  That's how you know you're old..."here's your over the hill sticker...use it wisely" Wheee!

Oh and don't make fun of that Micra...it's cute

Lisa Pepin

Hmm... Keeping it never occurred to me. You think that Micra is cute? Tell you what, I'll go rent one and we'll squeeze all 6'2 of you into the passenger seat and then go on a nice, long road trip together. Then we'll see how cute you think it is.


OK, Hester.


Stupid VOX cut off my message.  I propose that you carry the letter in the boot until you find a car that has been parked with reckless abandon or blatant retardation.  I would then affix the letter to this car with crazy, super-sticky gorilla glue. 



Lisa Pepin

Vengance and vandalism. I love it. At first I was confused about keeping the letter in my boot, then I realized you were being British. How about you come visit me and bring some of that gorilla glue you mentioned? I miss you.


Keep it.  At one point, one will always want to look back to the remnants of their foolish youth.

But congratulations.  Where will your road trip take you?

Lisa Pepin

Interesting. That's two votes for "keep it." I'm thinking of driving down to the coast to visit some friends in Antibes. Wish you were here!


I agree...keep it.


I'm voting against keeping it.  I think it should be used for good, by which I mean, "enrichment."  Here's what you do:  Take the "A" with you the next time you drive -- put it on your bumper one last time -- and when you meet someone you can pass it on to, tell them to take the "A" and drive around with it for a while.  (You'll take pictures of this and so will the next person and the next and so on).  They'll later pass the "A" on and it will keep going and going, with each person posting pictures of the travels of the A and sending them to you.

And you will then write a book about it and make millions. 

And I will take my 98.7% cut for "Idea Origination."


Also, there'll be a movie about it all.  Never forget the movie. 

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