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Joshua Cejka

What a wonderful review. Thanks! A bit (but only a bit - as in ragingly) jealous of seeing Sting live. Ugh. You paint a terrific picture of the city.

Tom Weaver

Two questions...Can you provide photographic evidence to support you claim of this brush with fame? Did you heckel Dominic about once living in Racine?

Lisa Pepin

Sadly, Tom, I have no photographic evidence of this brush with fame. I do, however, have a photo of Sting in which it is clear that he is looking right at me, and with a very affectionate expression on his face. You can just tell that he regrets we are both married to other people. As for Dominic, I had no idea he used to live in Racine. I'm not sure if that lessens my opinion of Dominic or raises my opinion of Racine...

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